Our Team & Office & Home Design Roots | Baltimore, MD

Steve Appel

As Nouveau’s Lead Designer, Steve gets the joy of really knowing Nouveau’s clientele, getting inside both their physical spaces and their imaginations. He was drawn to art and design because of his love of making ideas come to life, interior design work is the pinnacle of that love as it is beauty made functional. Seeing a space before and after projects are completed coupled with client reactions and happiness is what makes Nouveau so rewarding.


Lee Whitehead

Lee is Nouveau Home’s Chief Purchaser. Opening Nouveau he drew on his experience with his family’s antique store; working there, he learned much about merchandising and creating displays from the eagle eye of his mother. He takes pride in picking exceptional, quirky and special pieces for the store. A resident of Mt. Vernon, Lee is happy to return to the area where every day is different, he gets to meet all types of people and really get a chance to fall in love with the neighborhood all over again.