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Interior Design

The most important thing we can do is listen. Listen to what you want, what you think, how you want to live. Many designers create beautiful rooms, but our job is to become your imagination. We expand your boundaries so that we can show you more than you think your home is capable of. And the result is quality interior design that’s affordable and approachable. Take a look at our portfolio and see for yourself.

We Make It Affordable

We prefer to do design in affordable layers. Let’s talk about your priorities, your current pain points, and which areas can wait for a while. Let us design a plan that executes your vision in meaningful layers.

To Heirloom or Not

We will always ask you what you want to keep, and what can go away. Many times people have pieces that are meaningful to them, maybe a family heirloom or a token from a favorite vacation. Even if you don’t think these pieces “fit” in your vision for your space, we can help. We can repurpose the piece by changing its look, or how it is used, or how it’s displayed. We can find just the right place for those special items, so you can live with them happily.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Don’t be afraid of interior design costs – we can help you avoid expensive mistakes. If you order a sofa in the wrong color, or paint your room in that bright red that you fell in love with last spring, the cost of correcting the mistake is many times more than the cost of hiring a designer. ¬†We can actually make it cheaper to design your home than if you did it alone. We are your partner, working to achieve your design goals.

Look Through Our Portfolio

Get ideas and inspiration from our projects in our portfolio of recent residential and commercial spaces. Do you like our style? Does our sense of comfort and glamour appeal to you? If so, give us a call at 410-962-8248 and set up an appointment today!